VTProDesign is a full service creative design firm with a focus on latest technology and techniques. With an extensive background in logistical, creative, and production design, they have been involved in numerous capacities in the live entertainment and music industries. Our studio was brought on to develop a new visual identity for the firm that could translate their diverse professional grade services, as well as their highly innovative and cutting edge approach to experiential design. The work that VTPro creates often exists in an otherworldly three-dimensional realm. In this way, the logomark that was created, aimed to translate this optically illusive 3D world into a two-dimensional space that could retain that same sense of mystery and precision. The visual identity was distributed across a range of brand collateral, workwear, as well as the firm’s web presence.

Creative Direction & Design: Forth+Back - Nikolos Killian - Tanner Woodbury
Client: VTProDesign
Typefaces: - Visuelt by Colophon