BPM - Variable Typeface

BPM (Beats Per Minute) is an extended typeface with a subtle reverse contrast. Inspired by digital and analog audio engineering brands and interfaces, BPM’s melodic roots can be seen in the swooping construction of the characters. Each letter extends and at times dip and rise depending on their respective forms, creating a sort of rhythmic harmony when in use.

BPM is well suited for small technical instances, but really comes alive in larger display contexts. BPM also has a large variety of alternate characters which makes this font ideal for designing logos and unique wordmarks. BPM currently comes in three weights as well as a variable version, allowing the user to fully control the volume of this typeface.

BPM is available for purchase through The Designers Foundry.

Forth+Back: Nikolos Killian Tanner Woodbury Erik Ruuska Freddie Lonka