SPIRAL Issue 02 - Future

SPIRAL is a print publication that bridges the gap between football and culture. Printed annually, each issue explores a theme that connects the culture surrounding the game through the worlds of sport, art, design, music and fashion.


Future was dissected as the issue’s sophomore theme. Of the many stories explored, the issue covers everything from how data is redefining the way in which the game is being consumed, the rise of the NFL, Fox Sports’ Cleatus, and the international voices playing the sport abroad. The issue also features interviews with Super Bowl champion Chris Godwin, the multidisciplinary studio PLAYLAB, southern rapper YGTUT, as well as contemporary fashion label Our Legacy.


Our studio created the name and visual identity for the journal and provided art direction and editorial design for both the first and second issues. We also designed a capsule collection of promotional goods and clothing for the premier release with this issue’s Halftime artist Pete Sharp.

Forth+Back: Nikolos Killian Tanner Woodbury Ariel Barnes
Editor-in-Chief: Shawn Ghassemitari