Nike Football - NFL Super Bowl LVIII Campaign

After collaborating with Nike on the 2023-24 NFL campaign identity, Forth+Back was then given the opportunity to unify the newly-created Nike assets with the overhead branding for the NFL’s Super Bowl LVIII. The campaign aimed to generate enthusiasm and awareness for this year’s location—Las Vegas.

The project resulted in the creation of an updated set of guidelines, which included an array of new patterns, treatments, illustrations, and motion for a variety of print and digital assets to be used online and throughout the city. All campaign elements were designed to mirror the spirit, energy, and mesmerizing experiences of the Las Vegas Strip, as well as celebrate the nation’s biggest day in sports.

Forth+Back: Nikolos Killian Tanner Woodbury Erik Ruuska
Nike: Noah Wilson Jake Kelley Marci Kolar Monique Van Hummel Sharon Feinblatt Brigitte Coverdale
Illustration: Burn & Broad