Nike Football - NFL 23/24 Campaign

Forth+Back collaborated with Nike Football to craft the global campaign identity for the 2023-24 NFL season. This partnership resulted in a diverse array of print and digital assets designed for the 2023-24 NFL season. The primary objective of the campaign was to redefine the visual language of Nike Football—fostering a more celebratory, globally inclusive, and forward-facing experience, while also paying homage to traditional football aesthetics.

Inspired by vintage NFL trading cards, the campaign integrated distinctive framing, player attribute icons, and vibrant typography, all filtered through a futuristic lens. The overarching goal was to develop a graphic system capable of housing all thirty-two NFL teams and to establish an asset library that honors the unique attributes of each player.

Forth+Back: Tanner Woodbury Nikolos Killian Julen Saenz McCall Keller Erik Ruuska Hunter Young Haruka Cheung
Nike: Marci Kolar Carlos Martinez Matt Anderson Erik Wade Pascal Peschka
Retouching: Steiner Creative