Spiral Journal - Issue I: Tribalism

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Editorial Design
  • Identity Design
  • Naming
  • Photography

Founded by Editor-In-Chief Shawn Ghassemitari, Spiral is a print and digital publication that bridges the gap between football and culture. Printed annually, each issue explores a theme that connects the culture surrounding the game through the worlds of sport, art, design, music and fashion. The first issue aims to both celebrate and challenge the diverse world of football by highlighting the game’s storied yet troublesome history, observing the many relics and traditions shared by fans, discussing the players and ’superfans’ who have rose to mythic proportions, along with speaking to an array of creatives, athletes, and individuals who are all pushing football forward.

Issue I features contributors such as Steven Harrington, Samantha Rapoport, Ryan Russell, Ben Lyons, Michael MacCambridge, Devin Troy Strother, Nathan Bell, and many many more.

Forth + Back created the name, identity, and art direction, as well as editorial design for the inaugural issue of Tribalism. The studio also helped design a capsule collection of promotional goods and clothing for the premier release.

In June of 2021, Spiral was selected for a merit award by the Art Directors club for publication design.

Issue I of Spiral can be purchased here.